ENZ 133 – Managing Your Real Estate Business With Virtual Staff with Robert Nickell

In this special episode of Escaping The Real Estate Investing Newbie Zone Chris Bruce sits down with Robert Nickell the founder of Investor VA Services. Robert talks about the early struggles of working 80+ hours a week as a solo entrepreneur managing his real estate business. Much like how most of us all start out we’re doing every single task. Robert realized he had just created a overpaying job and not a business.

He witnessed other real estate investors who had hired big teams and offices and even did that himself but later realized he didn’t want the extra stress of a huge overhead. So he began to look for another source of employees hiring virtual staff in the Philippines. Fast forward now Robert has a company which finds, sources trained Virtual Assistants to manage every part of your business. Whether it’s data entry, running comps, cold calling, posting ads, or selling properties, etc.
Website mentioned on podcast =  www.escapethenewbiezone.com/Va


ENZ 123 – Hiring A Lead Manager To Screen Calls

In this special episode of Escaping The REI Newbie Zone Chris Bruce talks about hiring a lead manager for your real estate business. One of the first things to outsource in your wholesaling real estate business is the screening of calls. As you begin to do marketing and you have a constant flow of leads. It’s best you have a virtual assistant or lead manager to call the sellers back. A good lead manager will be able to identify motivation from a seller as well as the non motivated people.

On this episode you’ll learn where to find a lead manager, how to hire them, and how to train them efficiently. Chris even talks about the process he just used to hire a new lead manager for his business.

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