ENZ 037 – The Top 2 Struggles Most New Real Estate Investors Struggle With And How To Avoid Them (with Tracy Caywood)


Tracy Caywood is an active real estate investor in Jacksonville FL, she’s been wholesaling properties for over a decade, and the founder of Property Mob a community of bad as investors, also  Yellow Letters Complete  a direct mail fulfillment for real estate marketing, which she later sold. Tracy also is the founder of the top CRM software used by wholesalers around the country Zoho for real estate. Tracy stopped by the Escape The Newbie Zone podcast to talk about her journey as a real estate investor. She also talked about some of the struggles that she endured, and the biggest things that holds newbies back on achieving high success in this business.

Tracy breaks down the systems she uses in her business, and why its key to have a system to decrease your hours per day in the business. She also talks about hiring Virtual Assistants and what resources she uses to find, and train them. Tracy has a huge community which she has a passion for, in turning the average Joe & Josephine to a BAD Ass real estate investor.

Additional links mentioned:

Tracy Caywood’s website  –  www.propertymob.com

Zoho Real Estate CRM  – www.propertymob.com/one-click-zoho-crm-for-real-estate/

Site used to Hire VA’s – www.odesk.com


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