ENZ 075 – As A Landlord – Should You Manage Your Own Rentals Or Hire Property Management?

In this episode of Escape The REI Newbie Zone, Chris Bruce talks with special guest Steven Rozenberg. Steven has been investing in real estate since 2002. He has owned and helped manage a 39 unit apartment complex. He still personally owns over 31 homes today along with his business partner Pete. Steve is an airline pilot based in Houston, TX for a major airline and fly’s mostly international routes on the Boeing 787 airplane. 

Steven and his partner owns a big property management company in Houston, Texas. For most investors who buy properties to hold, they don’t look at it like a business. Steven talks about why you should always treat buying and holding strategy as a business. He even shares some mistakes he made when first acquiring low income rentals and why he only focuses on rentals in middle class areas.

Steven is very knowledgeable when it comes to owning properties, and he shares a lot of golden nuggets in this episode. So if you’re looking to build your portfolio you want to make sure to listen to this episode.

Also if you’re in the Houston area, Texas and looking for property management makes sure to go to his website.



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