ENZ 020: Multiple Streams Of Income in Real Estate with Robert Draiss

Robert Drais from www.themastermindsofrealestate.com sat down to talk with me about
what things he’s been doing in his real estate business. Robert has been investing in real estate for quite sometime. And he’s not your average wholesaler. Robert has diversified his business by strategizing how to earn income on every deal possible. Whether he’s wholesaling, fixing it up and wholetaling, selling it lease option, buying it subject 2, or even keeping it as a rental. He also is a license realtor, and in this podcast he talks about how he made an extra $9k one month by being a realtor.

Robert also talks about how he grew up watching Mobb movies and gangster movies and applied the same principles into his real estate business. Minus the evil stuff… Robert treats his real estate business as a sport. He’s in to win it. And he doesn’t accept defeat. He also gives away the key steps to growing your real estate business to a 6 figure income a year business.

Robert also hosts his own podcast with his partner Nasar Elarabi which you can
listen to past episodes at www.themastermindsofrealestate.com.

Also be sure to download you free escaping the real estate newbie zone book by heading over to our blog at www.escapethenewbiezone.com

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