ENZ 019 : Case Study How Marcus Used This Secret To Have His BreakThrough in Real Estate

303521_10151054645418297_711168005_nWhat Secret did Marcus use to break through his drought he went through of closing no deals, to making him $50k in just a few months. I interviewed Marcus Bledsoe  a former student of mine who spills the beans on what he did to get out of that Newbie Zone and make a whopping $50k flipping houses in his local market of Texas. He shares his struggles, and realizations in this awesome interview. He talks about what kept him motivated during his drought. And one secret that led him to find more motivated sellers contact info, without paying hundreds of dollars for those overprice skip tracing sites.

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ENZ 018 – Determining If The Seller Is Motivated Or Not?

motivated seller

In this special episode  of Escaping The REI Newbie Zone Chris Bruce talks about what questions you should be asking the seller to quickly determine if the seller is motivated or just looking to receive an offer on their property. When it comes to getting an offer accepted. If the seller is motivated you will have a better chance of them accepting your offer. To be a successful wholesaler, the key is to sift through the leads, and find the ones that are the most motivated. You make money on buying the property not on selling it.

Listen as I break down step by step the questions to ask the seller over the phone. Also you will learn if you should make an offer over the phone, or schedule to go see the property first.

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ENZ 014 – Targeting Recently Evicted Tenants For Profit with Pam Douglas


Pam Douglas a veteran Real Estate Investor out of Texas known as  “Aunt Pam” about her real estate business, and specifically about targeting a specific niche of motivated sellers which is evictions. When it comes to real estate wholesaling, targeting recently evictions is something that isn’t mentioned a lot. But after talking with Pam its definitely a good lead source to start targeting.
I had a good time interviewing Pam, and she dropped some good
information on this episode. So you don’t want to miss this one!
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ENZ 013 -Filling Out Real Estate Contracts


In this Episode Chris Bruce breaks down how to fill out a purchase and sale contract step by step. This is so important when it comes to wholesaling real estate for profit.

He also talks about what contracts works the best when buying a property from the bank like an REO or shortsale vs buying from a regular homeowner.

What contingencies you want to always have in your real estate contract so that you will have the right to market the property, as well as assign it to another buyer for your fee.

Their is also one contingency you want to have that will allow you to back out of the real estate contract, if lets say you were unable to find a buyer for the property.

So Listen is as Chris breaks down the purchase and sale contracts to be signed by the seller, and buyer.

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ENZ 012 – Using The “REI Effect” Reverse Engineered Investing Method To Close More Real Estate Deals with Jamel Gibbs


Jamel Gibbs an Investor/Real Estate Coach and good friend of mine stopped by the Escaping The REI Newbie Zone show. Jamel has a wallstreet background started off from day trading, and when Sept 11, 2001 tragedy happened he left that business, and went full time with his Real Estate business. He’s been investing in real estate for over 10 years. Jamel has done it all from rehabbing, wholesaling, lease options and much more. Jamel talks about how it took him 18 months to close his very 1st deal and only making $1500 bucks. Now Jamel is closing 6-8 deals a month in a few different virtual markets.

Jamel shares how he transitioned his business with the market changes. He also talks about this new strategy that he has been using called the REI Effect. This REI Effect works in any market. Jamel talks about why it is so important to invest marketing dollars in your business.
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ENZ 011- Adapting To Real Estate Market Changes with Brian Haskins

Brian Haskins  stops by our show who is an active real estate investor. Brian has been investing in real estate for over 8 years +. Brian has transitioned his business which mainly focused on rehabbing when the market was at its highest, to Wholesaling properties for quick cash. Brian like most took a lost when the market crashed. In this episode he talks about how he adapted his real estate business quickly so that he could still be able to profit in a market where most investors backed out, and went to start another profession.
Brian runs a successful real estate business in St Louis, MO. He’s a Best Selling Author and has his book on Amazon & Itunes which shows you the simple way on how to get started flipping houses without using any money or credit. Make sure to go to his blog. Link is below.
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Additional Links:  Brian Haskins Blog – www.brianhaskins.com

ENZ 010 – Finding Private Motivated Sellers & Picking Up Cash Buyers with Alex Pardo


Alex Pardo an active real estate investor in the South Florida market stops by Escaping The REI Newbie Zone show. Alex has been investing in real estate for the past few years in Miami FL.

He currently flips 3-6 houses a month. Alex talks marketing to private sellers, and how he keeps his phone ringing off the hook with people ready to sell. He also talks about a unique way he finds cash buyers and works with the staff at his local real estate auction to add tons of cash buyers tohis list every month.

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Alex Pardo personal website = www.alexpardo.com

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ENZ 009 – Marketing On A Shoestring Budget

In this Episode Chris Bruce talks about effective ways to market for motivated seller and buyer leads on a shoestring budget. The key to having a successful wholesale real estate business is having leads coming in everyday. Market for leads, make offers, and close real estate deals. It’s that simple! Chris covers offline marketing strategies to bring in sellers as well as online strategies you can implement today.

Chris talks about the problem most struggling real estate investors have when starting off. And how to not fall in the trap that most fall in.

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Links Mentioned in Podcast
Craigslist Search Tool           = www.SearchTempest.com
Skip Tracing Website            = www.FindTheSeller.com
Chris’s Bird Dog Site             = www.A1investmentteam.com

ENZ 008 Building A Successful Short Sale Real Estate Business – Dead broke with Brian Meara

Brian Meara the #1 short sale investor in the country stops by the Escaping The REI Newbie Zone show. Formerly known as the Short Sale Stallion aka “The Wise Guy.” Brain is a very successful short sale investor closing 10-15 deals a month. He spends $0 on marketing, and his business is ran virtually.  Brian has built a heck of a business model, which allows him to make 5-6 figures a month, while traveling around the world, including living in Italy for a month every quarter.
Most people that get short sale leads, are unaware of how to profit on them. The myth is that short sale leads take too long to get paid, and that you need to learn how to negotiate with the banks yourself.
However Brian talks about how he outsourced the work to realtors, and former bank litigators, and pay them on the backend.
Also be sure to download you free escaping the real estate newbie zone book by heading over to our blog at www.escapethenewbiezone.comAnd subscribe to our Podcast Channel on I-tunes.

http://shortsalestallion.com      Brian Meara’s Blog 
http://flipfreeprofits.com           Brian’s Short Sale Free Webinar Training

ENZ 007 – Scaling Up, Outsourcing The Real Estate Business, While Working A Full Time Job with Mike Nelson

Mike Nelson
In this episode 007 of Escaping The REI Newbie Zone we have a special guest real estate investor Mike Nelson. Mike breaks down he scaled up his business by scaling back. A different concept which hasn’t been shared by to many investors. Most people think that in order to scale up, it means you will be spending more marketing money. However Mike talks about how he found one specific target for motivated sellers, and focused more on it to start doing more deals.
He’s even jumped into 9 different markets, hired what he likes to call “boots on the ground” aka Employees & field guys, and he closes 5-7 deals a month with majority of them being virtual. He’s closed several deals without ever seeing the houses, or meeting the sellers, or buyers. And he breaks down his business model on this episode so you don’t want to miss this one.
Also be sure to download you free escaping the real estate newbie zone book by heading over to our blog at www.escapethenewbiezone.com

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Resources Mentioned in Episode:

Mike Nelson’s Blog =              www.wholesalinghouses101.com
Reverse Address Lookup  =   www.yellowpages.com
CRM = Freedomsoft               www.freedomsoft.com
Google Drive =                       www.google.com/drive