How To Keep The Phone Ringing Daily With Deals Part 2

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The Final Strategy & Lead Source That Will Keep Your Phone Ringing With Motivated Sellers Daily

From: Chris Bruce

Tampa, Florida


So are you ready to hear about the final strategy I use to get leads and more importantly deals from motivated sellers? Well first I want to say if you happened to miss the first part make sure you scroll up and click on the link above. I’m not going to waste to much time I’ll jump right in.

Now I must say I personally been using this strategy in my business for the past 10 months. It’s been working extremely well. I’ve even seen a few posts in a few groups of some of my past students have implemented this and they’ve done a few deals from it. The best thing about it is it doesn’t cost you a dime. You just have to be willing to pick up the phone.

If you guessed COLD CALLING… You’re 100% right.

Now their is a strategic way you must do this, so you don’t come off as a telemarketer. A lot of times homeowners will want to know how you go their phone number. We always tell them we have a research team who identifies vacant homes and finds the phone numbers for us. I have this well written out in my cold call script which you can get access to when you purchase our vacant leads today.

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So you may be asking why do we target vacant leads when cold calling? Well there’s typically a higher probability of someone wanting or needing to sell a house that’s vacant vs one that’s occupied right? Plus when a house is vacant it usually needs a bunch of repairs, and the average homeowner just doesn’t have that type of money, time, or resources to fix the property up. Hence why they will sell it to us, and we will wholesale it for a quick fee.

How do you get the phone numbers?

Well let’s say you have a list of vacant homes already. What you’ll need to do is use some type of skip tracing software. Their are several websites that provide this service and I’ll list a few of them below.


You’ll take the property address or the tax owners mailing address and run it to search for a phone number. If you ever been late on a bill, yeah… the debt collectors have used one of these services to find your number and contact you about making that payment.

When you’re able to get in contact with the homeowner you’re just going to say, “Hey I saw your house come up on our list as a vacant home, I’m interested in buying, do you have a minute to talk? If they say yes, then you’ll continue asking the regular questions you would when talking to a private seller. This is what two of my staff members do in my office everyday. In fact we just used this strategy to get a deal under contract this past week.

Check out the campaign.


Here’s the message from my Acquisition Manager who met up with the homeowner and got the seller to accept our offer. I never even physically saw the property. We’ll make around #25k wholetailing this property on the MLS.

Yes this deal came from our Vacant list and my assistant cold calling the homeowner. She said the reason why she wanted to do business with us because our assistant was so nice over the phone. She had received several postcards from other investors, but after getting our postcard and seeing a call from us, she wanted to do business with us.

Are you ready to start getting results like this?

Now you can go out and drive for dollars to find vacant homes, and hours using different skip tracing software to locate the sellers phone number. No doubt about it, it will work eventually. Or you can do the smart thing, and save tons of time and money by investing in yourself and business and purchasing vacant leads, which will come with our cold call scripts, our direct mail domination training, and postcards, contracts, etc.

If you’re a beginner this is the fastest way to get that first deal under your belt. Now this deal won’t be along forever so make sure to act now.

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How To Keep The Phone Ringing Daily With Deals

The Two Strategies & Lead Source That Will Keep Your Phone Ringing With Motivated Sellers Daily

From: Chris Bruce

Tampa, Florida


The key to making money as a wholesaler is making offers. To increase your revenue you need to buy (aka contract if you’re a wholesaler) more houses. In order to make offers obviously you need a consistent flow of leads coming in daily. This is when marketing comes into play. People fail to realize as a real estate wholesaler you’re a marketer first. There are two strategies that I will be talking about in this post I use to keep leads coming in daily.

As you can see below

Now if you’ve listened to any of my 144 podcasts you’ve heard me mention direct mail being my #1 strategy I use to keep deals coming in every month. That’s still true today but in our office we do direct mail differently than most investors.

You see most GURU’s tell you go grab an absentee owners list from list source pick up some yellow notepad paper and get to writing out WE buy houses letters, stuff them in envelopes and drop them off in the mail. I use to do that about 7 years ago and did it consistently until it stopped working.

I typically got around a 1% response rate. I went from getting 23 calls in a weeks time to getting 6 calls a week. I had the slightest idea of what happened…

Why Did my call flow drop more than half?

One simple answer. COMPETITION…

As my local market Tampa started to be flooded with more investors and competition got deeper my call flow dropped. It became harder to find deals. My hand was also tired of writing so many damn letters. I needed to find a better and faster solution.

That’s when I was introduced to Click2mail by a friend on Facebook. Yes the service is just like it’s name. You can literally click a few buttons and your mail will be on the way to the persons house/office. So now that I finally found a faster way to send mail I needed to get more mail out at a cheaper cost. Letters can get expensive with the cost at a $1 a piece.

That’s when I started to test postcards… And the results from this was nothing shorter than amazing.

Let’s talk cost first, on click2mail the cost for postcards are around 42 cents a postcard this includes postage. So mailing to 500 people will only cost you around 200 and some change. Which if you compare it to letters you would spend around $500 and change to mail out. With letters you have to hope that the person who receives it opens the letter. Many people who receive letters look at the envelope and when the name on the envelope doesn’t look familiar they just end up tossing it in the trash. That’s a lot of waste on marketing dollars.

However with postcards it’s guaranteed they will see your message. That’s why I love to send out postcards when I’m marketing to sellers.

Ok so lets talk about the most important thing The elephant in the room.

Who the heck am I targeting? 

After reviewing my direct mail campaigns over the past 18 months 92% of the houses I’ve bought and sold have been VACANT. Knowing these stats has helped me to start targeting with this filter of houses being vacant. You see when you target just absentee owners for instance. You end up getting a bunch of sellers calling angry because their house has a tenant in it, and their is no motivation to sell. They don’t even understand why you’re sending them a letter or postcard.

When a homeowner has a vacant house there’s more motivation to want to sell. First off their liable to lose their insurance on the house due to the property being vacant. It may be vacant for several reasons, they may have inherited the house, maybe their tenant just recently got evicted. Look at it like this, they have a house which probably needs a ton of repairs, and it’s just sitting there costing them taxes every year and not making them any money.

Here are some recent results from my campaign sent to vacant houses.

Now tomorrow I’ll continue to share with you the second strategy I use to find deals that doesn’t cost you any money. Can you guess what it is? I’ll reveal it tomorrow.

If you would like to get a list of VACANT houses in your area click here.

How To Use The Court House As A Personal ATM

In this blog post I’m going to talk about one of the fastest and overlooked strategies to make cash in real estate. What I’m about to share with you will work if you’re Brand new to real estate, if you’ve done a deal or two, or even if you’re a seasoned investor. I remember when I first learned about this strategy I couldn’t believe more people wasn’t doing this. I was a little hesitant to even do this post because I don’t want to cause unwanted competition in my market. So make sure you read this post from top to the bottom. I may change my mind and take this down tomorrow.

So I don’t know about you but the courthouse has always been a place I tried to stay away from. From paying traffic tickets to jury duty I just dread going inside that building. Well that was my old way of thinking until I went in there and a couple weeks later turned that into $11,000. I’ll talk more about that later on. Wouldn’t it be cool to walk into a courthouse and in a couple weeks that visit turn into $11,000?

Discover How I Turned That Visit Into $11,000

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So let’s talk real estate for a minute for those that are new. The fastest and easiest way to make money is wholesaling. It doesn’t require a lot of time, and little to no capital to get started. I’m not going to go deep into this you can search around my blog to learn more about wholesaling if you’re unfamiliar of the process. As a wholesaler you become valuable knowing how to find good off market deals and then selling them to cash buyers.

Now of course their are several ways to find deals, from door knocking, putting up bandit signs, attending auctions, doing direct mail campaigns. Their are plenty of ways to skin a cat. The thing is most investors are thinking all the same. For instance in my market when it comes to direct mail, everyone and their mama is advertising to absentee owners who owned their property for 10 years or longer. So what does this do? It creates heavy competition, and it leaves the seller confused of who should they sell their house to with so many options.

Now you can find deals from mailing to absentee owners don’t get me wrong. However you need to spend 3x the amount to find these deals to out beat your competition. Or you end up having to pay higher than the other investor just to secure the deal. So what are you supposed to do when this happens? How can you find a targeted group of motivated sellers that everyone else isn’t going after?

You walk into the courthouse and ask for a special list. Now before I tell you what this list is let me give you a backstory.  I remember when my grandfather passed back in 2001. It was a very sad day for my family especially my grandmother. At the time I was a junior in high school, and I remember my grandmother getting a letter from an investor. At the time I didn’t think about it, but it was someone offering condolences to our family and how he could help us out. Now at the time I didn’t understand what help he was offering.

It wasn’t until I discovered this secret niche of targeted sellers (Probates) back in 2010 where I finally realized what that guy had sent my grandma. He knew that since my grandfather died, she might not of wanted to live in the big house anymore and that he could buy it for cash. Now my grandma didn’t sell it because my dad stepped in and took care of the house and my grandmother. But lets say if my dad wasn’t there I’m sure she would’ve sold the house.

Fast forward to 2010 my very first off market deal (non mls deal) came from a similar letter I sent to a lady who had lost her mother. The crazy part was that the lady who received my letter was thanking me so much for reaching out to her. No one else had sent her any letters or postcards, and she was desperate to sell the house in Florida because she lived in New Jersey and couldn’t take care of it. This is when I realized I was on to something. Whenever I would mail out letters or postcards to a list I would always get people saying they are tired of me sending them mail every week.

Lol I would laugh because it could be the very first time I sent out a marketing piece to them. They would receive so many other letters and postcards from other investors interested in buying their house. It also had me wondering why other investors weren’t targeting these sellers. However obtaining the list wasn’t as easy as logging online to a website and just purchasing the list. Also the list brokers who did sell these list sold them for a insane price. $3-$4 for each lead… no thank you.

Discover How I Turned That Visit Into $11,000

Would you like to discover how my visit to the courthouse turned into 11,000?

Click Here To Find Out How

So how can you cash in on probate deals right now? Well first you got to understand the psychology of why this works so good. According to the United Nations 2,473,018 people die every single day in the United States. Unfortunately these people pass on debt, and houses to their loved ones to deal with. Most of the time their is no real emotional attachment to the property, and the family member or friend would rather sell it for quick cash to get it off their hands.

So A you could contract it, and then flip it wholesale to another buyer… Or B. you could buy it, fix it up and rent it out or put it back on the market to re-sell. Now many people will argue that the probate process just takes do damn long to deal with. Which isn’t true for all cases. Well that is if you know how to deal with them and use shortcuts. So what I decided to do was create a video to talk about this further. Also to prepare you of what’s happening in the market if you’re not aware of it yet. It’s kind of scary, but its the only way to financially prepare your family and yourself for the future.

Watch the video here <===

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-Chris Bruce

ENZ 132 – How Asking The Right Questions Can Turn Dead Leads Into Hot Deals

In this special episode of Escaping The Real Estate Newbie Zone Chris Bruce talks about the conversation you need to have when talking with sellers. When it comes down to negotiating and turning the leads into wholesale contracts signed, it’s all about asking the right questions. Most of the time people think that you need a motivated seller who has an asking price the same as you, have a reason to sell upfront in order for you to get the deal. However that’s not the case. Majority of my deals the sellers asking price was much higher than what I wanted to offer. When you know the right questions to ask and what will trigger the seller, you can get them to drop their price much lower.

On this episode I’ll go over those questions in detail. These are questions beyond the normal information you need about the property. You also find yourself educating the seller and painting the picture clear as day for them to see. Tune into this episode  you’re going to love it.

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ENZ 106 – What to say when sellers call

On this special episode of Escaping The REI Newbie Newbie Zone it’s just me no guests. I talk about one of the most important things when it comes to wholesaling. Once sellers start to get your marketing, and start to reach out and call, what do you say? I know for some this is very scary, especially if you’ve never closed a deal before. However contrary to belief most homeowners are just as nervous. They’ve bought a home but have never sold one. So in this episode I go ever what questions to ask, to find out if they are indeed a motivated seller and how to transition those leads into more deals and checks for your business.

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How To Determine How “OPEN” The Seller Is To Your Offer

In this blog post of Escaping The Real Estate Newbie Zone, I’m going to talk about a “OPEN” concept I’ve been using in my business for the past few years to determine how motivated the seller is and will be to my offer. We all know that the more marketing you put out, the more chances you will have to make more offers. Out of the offers you get accepted, those deals will turn into big paydays. Those paydays turn into big smiles on your face like this.

Screen Shot 2015-10-12 at 10.35.00 AM

So how do you get to put these type of smiles on your face, and get big paydays? Well for starters you need to find the right ideal seller. When I first got started flipping houses their were deals plentiful on the MLS. I could login put a few offers in and before the end of the day I would have at least 1 offer accepted. Unfortunately those days are long and gone :-(.

Now that we have transitioned to a sellers market, meaning their are more buyers than their are real estate deals on the MLS. It has become more challenging to find good deals. The best way to find deals now, is doing seller direct marketing. We cover more on how to set up your first direct mail marketing campaign in this training here.

However I want to break down a simple concept I’ve been using to find out if the seller you’re talking to will lead to a signed contract (deal). Once you understand this concept you’ll know when to focus more time and energy on what sellers, and when not to.

I call it the “OPEN” CONCEPT

Which stand for Oblivious, Pondering, Engaged, Need

Let’s break it down for you.

Oblivious – This is the type of person that they’re in no rush to sell their home. Maybe they came across you marketing letter or postcard, but not in a rush at all to sell it. They haven’t even thought of selling their house, however since your marketing came across their mailbox or desk, they wanted to see what you’re offering. Now this person will be extremely hard to deal with. Good luck putting a deal together, because typically they’re expecting HIGHEST & BEST OFFER. So this is likely not your ideal direct seller you’re looking for.

Pondering – Now is the type that they have been thinking about possibly selling their home. The conversation of possibly selling has been talked between the household. They can’t decide if they should sell it or keep the property. But maybe they’re looking at different websites to find out what houses are selling for. Their doing a little active research to see if it would be a good time to sell it or not.



Engaged- These type of sellers are actively looking to sell. They’re visiting different websites weekly to see how the market it for them to sell. Their even talking to different agents, different investors and trying to see who would buy their property. Most of the time they want of course the highest price that they can get. So they will shop around a few people before they make their decision. But they have made up in their mind this a good time to sell the property, they just need the right situation.

These of type of sellers are sometimes good, however you’re not the only person their talking too. So don’t be surprised if the deal you thought was going to be yours, ends up getting taken last minute by someone else before you get the contract signed, because someone presented a better offer. This actually happened to me before. I was pissed, but this was apart of the learning process for me.

Now the best type of seller to deal with, and probably the easiest person to sell your solution to them is the…

Needs- This is the person that they need to sell their house, they have a huge problem and this is the only option for them to solve the problem. The property has major repairs, they barley have any money in the bank, let alone they can’t afford to fix the property up. They have a underlying bill that has yet been paid, and if they don’t pay it now, their going to start garnishing their wages. So they need to turn their house into quick cash.

This is the person that just evicted the 3rd tenant, and their losing a lot of money, and not to mention it’s causing a lot of stress in their life which is effecting their personal life. They’re ready to get rid of the property ASAP so they can move on in their life. This is the best group of people you need to be targeting!

Ultra Motivated Sellers

Type of sellers who have needs here

Click here to learn more 

So if in the past maybe you have done some marketing in your real estate business . And you’ve wondered why they didn’t accept your offer? You’ve done everything that the course or training you’ve learned from youtube but still haven’t got any results. I want you to start using this formula. Which part of sellers are you dealing with? If they don’t have needs then automatically you should have a trigger that goes off and say ok this isn’t my ideal seller.

It’s not enough for a homeowner to say they just want to sell their home to decide they are really motivated. It needs to be something bigger.

Hopefully you got some good insight into this post. Please leave a comment below.

ENZ 018 – Determining If The Seller Is Motivated Or Not?

motivated seller

In this special episode  of Escaping The REI Newbie Zone Chris Bruce talks about what questions you should be asking the seller to quickly determine if the seller is motivated or just looking to receive an offer on their property. When it comes to getting an offer accepted. If the seller is motivated you will have a better chance of them accepting your offer. To be a successful wholesaler, the key is to sift through the leads, and find the ones that are the most motivated. You make money on buying the property not on selling it.

Listen as I break down step by step the questions to ask the seller over the phone. Also you will learn if you should make an offer over the phone, or schedule to go see the property first.

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ENZ 009 – Marketing On A Shoestring Budget

In this Episode Chris Bruce talks about effective ways to market for motivated seller and buyer leads on a shoestring budget. The key to having a successful wholesale real estate business is having leads coming in everyday. Market for leads, make offers, and close real estate deals. It’s that simple! Chris covers offline marketing strategies to bring in sellers as well as online strategies you can implement today.

Chris talks about the problem most struggling real estate investors have when starting off. And how to not fall in the trap that most fall in.

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