ENZ 035 – Melina Montelongo Talks Benefits Of Working With Real Estate Agents


A &E’s Flip This House Co-star Melina Montelongo who is our special guest on this episode of Escaping The REI Newbie Zone talks about the benefits of working with real estate agents. Melina Montelongo tells her story on how she got started in real estate years ago, and what she’s doing to keep profiting in today’s market. Melina & her husband David has built up a huge real estate business in San Antonio, Texas. Melina talks bout what it takes to be successful in real estate. She also talks how she works with real estate agents, to bring her deals.

A lot of real estate agents don’t understands wholesalers business model. Some prefer not to work with investors. However Melina breaks down how she finds and recruits new agents to be apart of her team.

Additional Links: Melina’s website www.sacashbuyers.com

Melina’s Facebook – www.facebook.com/melinamontelongo


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