ENZ 121 – Will The Market Crash Again? Lee Kearney Talks About Market Cycles

In this special episode of Escape The REI Newbie Zone Chris Bruce talks with the REO Rockstar Lee Kearney. Lee has one if not the biggest investment company in central & south Florida. He flips 50 + homes a month, some he wholesales, some he renovates, and others he keeps in his rental portfolio. Lee has been in the real estate industry for over a decade and one thing he doesn’t take lightly is spotting out market cycles. Lee talks about his predictions for the real estate market in Florida, and also gives advice on what tools he uses to spot out these different market cycles.

There’s a buyer market then a seller market, which one are you in? You’ll be able to find out by listening to this podcast episode. You’ll also know how to prepare yourself for huge opportunities that come with the shift of the market. Also when it’s time to sell everything and wait.


Connect with Lee = Lee Kearny Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/lee.kearney.58


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