ENZ 136 – Why Thinking Like Dr. Phil Will Lead To Closing More Deals?

On this special episode of Escaping The Real Estate Investing Newbie Zone Chris Bruce talks about a special method he uses to get more deals closed. Yes it has something to do with Dr. Phill. You see most people end up just analyzing a deal and then going out making a offer. That’s a fast way to end up getting your offer DECLINED fast!

So how do we use the Dr. Phill approach to get more deal? You’ll have to listen in to this weeks episode. Also if you’re interested in learning the routines, habits, and strategies to closing deals and quitting your job within 24 weeks or less, you need to pick up my new book.

Grab it here: www.notanewbieanymore.com


ENZ 080 – From Sleeping On Air Mattress To Creating A Great Partnership & Making $56,000

In this special podcast episode of Escaping The REI Newbie Zone, Chris talks with real estate investors Darrel Kucan, and Imran Clark about their journey into real estate. They have now built up a huge business, and own a real estate investing group in San Diego, California. They first started off in short sales and their stories are very inspiring.

Darryl went from being homeless, moving in with his in laws, and sleeping on the air mattress to closing his first deal with Imran and making $56,000. Both experienced humbled beginnings but that didn’t stop their journey. And today they stand with one of the biggest investment companies in San Diego.

For more information about them and how you can get in touch with them you can go to their website www.kucanandclark.com


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