ENZ 111 – The Blind Marketing Approach & How He Gets 5 – 10% Response Rates With Cris Chico

In this episode of Escaping The Real Estate Newbie Zone, Chris Bruce sits down with the godfather of “Virtual Wholesaling” Cris Chico. Cris was one of the first investors online to coin the term “Virtual Wholesaling.” Cris has showed 1000’s of real estate investors how to¬†attract motivated sellers with little yellow postcards as well as wholesaling properties 1000’s of miles away from your home market. You can’t mention Virtual wholesaling without mentioning Cris Chico’s name.

On today’s podcast episode he talks about a new postcard he’s using and a new approach called Blind marketing. This strategy has got him higher response rates on his direct mail marketing. Upwards of 5 – 10% response rates in several markets across the U.S. So if you’re looking to increase your response rates on your marketing make sure to listen to this episode.

Websites mentioned: Cris Chico Blog = www.crischico.com

Cris Chico Ninja Postcard = www.crischico.com/postcard


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