ENZ 071 – A Peak Inside His Cashflow Diary with J Massey

In this episode of Escape The REI Newbie Zone Chris Bruce sits down with J Massey, the CEO and founder of Podcast show CashFlow Diary. J is a active real estate investor, author, speaker, as well as coach to thousands of students across the country. He’s closed 100’s of transactions from residential, to commercial, to now even owning his own cell phone tower.

But things always weren’t great. J Massey shares a story of life altering events, including his wife who got ill during her pregnancy, a accident that left J with a punctured lung, and his family squatting in their foreclosed home. He didn’t let that be the end of his story, he changed his mindset, took action and change his life around.

His story is amazing, and he gives away some strategies on how you can create passive income, even without using any of your own money or credit.

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J Massey’s Cashflow Diary book = text Book to 72000 to receive it.


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