ENZ 135 – How To Run A Virtual Turn Key House Flipping Business

In this episode of Escaping The REI Newbie Zone Chris Bruce sits down with real estate investor and Entrepreneur Robert Syfert. Rob talks about how he got started in the real estate business back in Michigan. He explains how he started with wholesaling, transitioned into rehabbing properties, then turned it into a full turnkey business model. If you’re not familiar with turnkey rentals. It’s where the investor will go buy, rehab, and get the property rented out cash flowing then sell the property to another investor. Which gives the opportunity to get paid more than once on the property.

Rob also has a new software getting ready to release that will change the way you run your real estate business. If you’re looking for a robust way to automate your business make sure to sign up to get on the early bird list.

Websites mentioned on podcast = http://launch.investorpo.com


ENZ 077 – Former Teacher Turned Investor Gives The Best Real Estate Investing Advice

In this special episode of Escaping The Real Estate Newbie Zone Chris Bruce sits down with fellow podcaster and investor Joe Fairless. Joe runs a popular podcast Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever. Joe talks about how he went from being a teacher to controlling over 21 million in real estate. Joe gives advice on how he transitioned from single family houses to commercial properties.

Joe also gives advice to investors who are just starting off, and a tip for those who are looking to get to the next level in their business.

Websites mentioned: Joes’s Blog www.joefairless.com


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