ENZ 120 – Flipping Deals Since 17 What’s Your Excuse?

In this special episode of The Escape The REI Newbie Zone Chris Bruce sits down with real estate investor Derrick Anthony from Baltimore Maryland. Derrick started real estate at a very young age of 17 fresh out of high school. While most people usually graduate and go to college. Derrick took another path in his life by getting in to wholesaling real estate. Now he’s closing several real estate wholesale deals a month, and speaking on stages about having a strong social media presence for your real estate business. You’re going to love this episode as your hear how Derrick got started did his first deal before 19.

Connect with Derrick:

Instagram = www.instagram.com/gqderrick

Twitter = www.twitter.com/supremederrick

Youtube = www.youtube.com/user/supremederrick


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