ENZ 041 – Doing Real Dealz & Direct To Seller Marketing with Tucker Merrihew



On this special episode Chris Bruce sat down with Tucker Merrihew who’s been investing in real estate for 12 years, and has a real estate podcast named “The Real Dealz Podcast” on Itunes. Tucker has done it all from running a successful mortgage company, wholesaling, and rehabbing properties. Tucker talks about why  he loves direct to seller marketing when it comes to finding deals in real estate right now. He also shares a few lists he specifically like to target when finding motivated sellers. Tucker explains why mastering the human element of talking with sellers, will allow you to create your own paycheck.

Website mentioned in episode: http://therealdealzpodcast.com

Site mentioned to run Comps = http://redfin.com

Tuckers real estate company website: www.TTMDevelopmentCompany.com


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