ENZ 040 – Raising Private Money In Real Estate & Making $40k Checks with Josh Cantwell


On this week’s episode Josh Cantwell aka the man behind 40k flips stopped by to share his unique story. Josh is a full time entrepreneur real estate investor based out of Ohio. He’s been investing in real estate for over a decade and he’s flipped well over 1000+ properties. Josh like many others has had to overcome some obstacles, and even one that almost cost him his life CANCER.

Hear it first from Josh how he built his company to a million dollar business after severely taking a hit when undergoing his health issues. He also talks about raising private money, some of the legalities needed, and how you can start profiting larger checks once you have access to tons of money for you real estate business.

Website mentioned in episode:

Josh’s website : http://joshcantwellcoaching.com/


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