ENZ 104 – Why Competition Is Good & Tips For Making $50k + on Wholesale Deals with Jason Buzi

On today’s episode of Escaping The REI Newbie Zone, Chris Bruce sits down to talk with real estate investor Jason Buzi. Now it’s chances you’ve saw a few of Jason’s post on the popular Facebook forums. He’s always giving out good content and providing inspiration to people on how to make BIG checks in real estate. Today we got Jason to bless the show with some actionable information on how to get the big $50 – $100k+ checks wholesaling. Jason runs a successful 7 figure a year real estate business in one of the most competitive markets in the country San Francisco, California. He also talks about why competition is good, and how it can benefit you and your business.


Websites mentioned on show:   Jason’s Facebook group   https://www.facebook.com/groups/154694161390410/

Chris 3 part video series: www.reiwealthprofit.com/opt-in


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