ENZ 079 – Shortsales Are Dead? Says who with Brian Meara

In this special episode of Escaping The REI Newbie Zone Chris bring back his friend and old guest Brian Meara to discuss the state of short sales across the country. Many people remembered when the market crash, and the country was full of foreclosures their were ton of opportunities for people to make money with short sales. Now that the market is back on fire, and inventory being low on MLS, is short sales dead?

Contrary to belief Brian talks about short sales still alive and their is a new way to profit with short sales. Now you can wholesale them to your buyers. Wholesale “short sales”? How the heck do you do that.
Well Brian explains the process, and also talks about how he’s profiting from wholesaling short sales in his market and several markets across the country.

Websites mentioned: http://www.investorentourage.com


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