ENZ 078 – F.O.C.U.S. Follow Ones Course Until Successful

In this episode of Escape The REI Newbie Zone, Chris pulls back the curtains of what a successful business looks like. He talks about the paradigm shift that needs to happen in order to make a fortune in real estate. Chris also talks about the importance of getting training, and coaching. You make it harder on yourself going at this all alone. If you want to be successful, and get results fast their is no faster way besides getting the right training or coaching.

Most people who think they can figure it out on their own, usually don’t and give up. 1/10 new investors will make money. The other 9 will quit, get burned out and give up. This is where coaching comes in. Not only do you get the skills and techniques you need, but also you get the mindset and the paradigm shift that needs to happen. You begin to form different habits, and the MONEY begins to follow.

Websites mentioned: 3 Video Series  www.Reiwealthprofit.com/allaccess

Coaching Program www.reiwealthprofit.com/now


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