ENZ 072 – 3 Top Motivated Seller Lists You Should Be Targeting

In this episode of Escape The REI Newbie Zone, Chris Bruce gives away the 3 top motivated seller lists you should be targeting in your real estate investing business. We all know the lifeline of your business is in how many leads you can generate, and how many of those leads you can turn into deals. To generate leads you need a marketing strategy, and direct mail has been our #1 source to generate leads in any market.

Chris gives away his top 3 motivated seller lists to target which include:

1. Vacant houses

2.  High Equity/Free & Clear properties

3. Absentee Owners out of state

He also gives away his free direct mail templates which you can get by texting the word TEMPLATES to 33444 or by going to the website www.escapethenewbiezone.com/templates

Motivated Seller Leads

Chris also talks about how he combines these targeting by cross targeting to get even better results. If you’re in need of getting your hands on these type of motivated seller lists.

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