ENZ 069 – Networking & Growing A Real Estate Community While Growing Your Business

In this special episode Chris Bruce from Escape The Real Estate Newbie Zone sits down with Mike Hambright owner of the Flip Nerd Community. Mike takes us back to when he first got started in real estate about 6 years ago, and now how he’s a mentor for a company who buys 800 houses per year. Not to mention running a very successful podcast & community called Flip Nerd.¬† Mike shares that if you learn how to network and work along side your competition, why it will help you more than it hurting you.

Mike also is giving away free membership to at FlipNerd.com where their are several hundreds of real estate investors inside the community to connect with, as well as post your deals that you have for sale.

You can get more information by going to www.flipnerd.com

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