ENZ 065 – The Fastest Way To Find Profitable & Stable Rental Properties For Cash Flow


In this special episode of Escape The Real Estate Newbie Zone Scott Abbey the co-founder of Rentfaxpro.com  who’s been a 20 year property manager and investor talks about the importance of doing offsite due diligence before buying your investment home. Having managed 1000’s of properties over the past 2 decades, Scott has witnessed investors who as a result of not doing their due diligence buying a bad investment.

This is why RentFax was born which is a program to do just that. Give you all of the facts, like predicting and comparing how demographics, economics, schools, crime and other location-based factors affect the income stability of any rental property.

RentFax helps investors, lenders, agents, property managers, and others assess and compare income risk, determine rents, vacancy, and tenancy duration, and forecast gross and net income in seconds, providing unparalleled insight to any residential investment property in the U.S.

Scott gives a lot of insight on what make a property a good property to buy and hold, and what common mistakes most investors look past.

Website mentioned:  RentFax = www.rentfaxpro.com

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