ENZ 060 – How To Flip Houses Virtually and Cut Your Workload In Half

In this special episode Chris interviews Christopher Seder a real estate investor who has grown up around the business his entire life.  He was born and raised in rural Montana where he graduated from college with a Business Management degree from Montana State University-Billings.  After graduating college in 2009 Christopher quickly realized that the job market sucked and knew he was destined for something else. In 2009 Christopher Started his on real estate investing company and has been doing over 6 figures flipping houses for the past several years mainly focusing on rehabbing.

In 2013 Christopher started to grow his business to several markets across the country focusing on Virtual Wholesaling while still rehabbing in his own local market.  He currently wholesales several houses a month in different markets across the U.S. and continues to rehab a few houses each and every month.
Resources and websites mentioned on podcast:Christopher Seders 4 Part Mini Course        www.virtualflips.com



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