ENZ 055 – Mastering The 3 M’s Motivation – Money – Mindset with Preston Ely

In this special episode of Escape The Real Estate Investing Newbie Zone Chris Bruce sits down with mufti-millionaire, founder of Freedomsoft Inc, Best Selling Author, husband, Successful investor, information marketer, serial entrepreneur Preston Ely. Preston has accomplished more in 1 year what most dream of accomplishing their whole life.  And one question he gets all the time, how the heck did he do it?

So I got Preston to spill the beans on the things he accredits the most to his success. As well as a simple blueprint of what to follow that will increase your motivation, your bank account, and mindset to achieve great success.Preston even breaks down what a simple day looks like for him, and why morning routines are so key to starting off your day, if you want to live better than most. (average)

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Wake Up Wealthy Blog: http://wakewealthy.com/

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