ENZ 036 – Finding Sellers Or Buyers First? Which One Should I Focus On As A Wholesaler?


We’ve hit a milestone. Our 1 year anniversary of Escaping The REI Newbie Zone podcast and on this episode, there are no guest, just myself covering a specific topic. And that topic is as a new investor what should I be looking for first as a wholesaler? Finding deals or finding buyers? This is a top 5 question I get asked all the time by students of mine. And I decided instead of continuously repeating myself, I’ll take it to the world in a podcast so you can find out my take on what you should be focusing on first when wholesaling real estate.

You’ll be surprised to what I recommend you should be working on first. And this is due to the change in the current real estate market. Also I went over some strategies on how to find sellers and buyers. To get access to the show notes make sure to come back to the blog www.escapethereinewbiezone.com

Happy 1 year anniversary!


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