ENZ 026 – Getting Anything You Want NO BS with Nathan Jurewicz


Nathan Jurewicz a  good friend of mine, former real estate investor Internet Marketer who
was responsible for some of the biggest product launches in the Real Estate industry. He has  leopard hair
some may know him as “Short Sale Kid” or “Stick Boy.” Now Nathan has had tremendous success in business. He did over 5 million gross in sales online his very first year, and almost every Real Estate Info product in the past 2 years that has hit the market, he’s constructed the offer.

But none of that matters, because he’s here to talk about how to get anything you want in life. Some people look
at it as a gift, but its truly a skill. Nathan has mastered this skill, and on this podcast he shares some of his
best secrets on how to achieve success.

Nathan also just released a brand new webinar that goes into even more detail on how to get anything
you want no BS. You can check it out by going to www.escapethenewbiezone.com/leapordpill

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