ENZ 024 – Case Study How Jason Gaston Flipped 4 Properties & Made $78,000 in 30 days

Jason Gaston a good friend of mine which is a big rehabber here in the Tampa Bay area. Jason who is well known for having his famous “Jason buy houses” bandit signs all around the city, talks about how he had his biggest month in real estate, and it wasn’t from rehabbing believe it or not. Jason talks about how he found these deals, what type of marketing it took, and how he sold them to make over $70,000 in 30 days.
You don’t want to miss this episode. Jason also has a free video course which he talks about in
this episode where he walks you through live of him closing on one of those deals which
netted him $25k.

You can get it here www.flippingfreedom.com

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