ENZ 017 – House Hustling Work Ethics with TJ Hines

TJ Hines a business partner of mine who used to be a former insurance claim adjuster who left the workforce to pursue Real Estate full time. TJ  also known as “Mr Flipperhouse” talks about why he left the workforce, and how real estate has created not just the finances but the time he needed to be able to spend more time with his wife and kids. TJ is a hard worker, and his hustle, his passion is like no other.

TJ is a full time investor in the Tampa bay area, and has flipped tons of properties all across the Tampa Bay market, and also the Metro Atlanta, GA market.

TJ talks about how someone with a full time job can get started in real estate. Specifically wholesaling, which is the less riskiest form of real estate. TJ also talks
about why some people are successful in real estate, and why others don’t make it. Their is a few steps TJ gives on how to make sure you’re in that handful of successful people percentile.
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