ENZ 011- Adapting To Real Estate Market Changes with Brian Haskins

Brian Haskins  stops by our show who is an active real estate investor. Brian has been investing in real estate for over 8 years +. Brian has transitioned his business which mainly focused on rehabbing when the market was at its highest, to Wholesaling properties for quick cash. Brian like most took a lost when the market crashed. In this episode he talks about how he adapted his real estate business quickly so that he could still be able to profit in a market where most investors backed out, and went to start another profession.
Brian runs a successful real estate business in St Louis, MO. He’s a Best Selling Author and has his book on Amazon & Itunes which shows you the simple way on how to get started flipping houses without using any money or credit. Make sure to go to his blog. Link is below.
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Additional Links:¬† Brian Haskins Blog –¬†www.brianhaskins.com
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