ENZ 008 Building A Successful Short Sale Real Estate Business – Dead broke with Brian Meara

Brian Meara the #1 short sale investor in the country stops by the Escaping The REI Newbie Zone show. Formerly known as the Short Sale Stallion aka “The Wise Guy.” Brain is a very successful short sale investor closing 10-15 deals a month. He spends $0 on marketing, and his business is ran virtually.  Brian has built a heck of a business model, which allows him to make 5-6 figures a month, while traveling around the world, including living in Italy for a month every quarter.
Most people that get short sale leads, are unaware of how to profit on them. The myth is that short sale leads take too long to get paid, and that you need to learn how to negotiate with the banks yourself.
However Brian talks about how he outsourced the work to realtors, and former bank litigators, and pay them on the backend.
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http://shortsalestallion.com      Brian Meara’s Blog 
http://flipfreeprofits.com           Brian’s Short Sale Free Webinar Training
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