ENZ 007 – Scaling Up, Outsourcing The Real Estate Business, While Working A Full Time Job with Mike Nelson

Mike Nelson
In this episode 007 of Escaping The REI Newbie Zone we have a special guest real estate investor Mike Nelson. Mike breaks down he scaled up his business by scaling back. A different concept which hasn’t been shared by to many investors. Most people think that in order to scale up, it means you will be spending more marketing money. However Mike talks about how he found one specific target for motivated sellers, and focused more on it to start doing more deals.
He’s even jumped into 9 different markets, hired what he likes to call “boots on the ground” aka Employees & field guys, and he closes 5-7 deals a month with majority of them being virtual. He’s closed several deals without ever seeing the houses, or meeting the sellers, or buyers. And he breaks down his business model on this episode so you don’t want to miss this one.
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Resources Mentioned in Episode:

Mike Nelson’s Blog =              www.wholesalinghouses101.com
Reverse Address Lookup  =   www.yellowpages.com
CRM = Freedomsoft               www.freedomsoft.com
Google Drive =                       www.google.com/drive
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