Welcome to Escape The REI Newbie Zone Podcast – Our top rated podcast is dedicated to helping you break out of that first stage of your real estate business. Many people who get started in Real Estate investing don’t make it out the newbie zone. They get caught up with trying every niche, and buying every info product out. But we’re here to break you out of that newbie zone, and bring you top notch strategies, tools, and tricks to start flipping houses and create the financial freedom you deserve.

Your Host: Chris Bruce

Chris Bruce is author, nationwide coach, who’s been a full time real estate investor since 2010. He’s learned how to not only bring in big checks in real estate, but also how to delegate and outsource 80% of the business, which has created the freedom and time to help others, and teach people all over the country.

Chris Bruce found real estate back in 2009 when he had no clue what he wanted to do in Life.  Chris grew up in the hood of Detroit, MI his whole life up until 2004 then moved to Tampa FL. He spent most of his life partying, chasing woman, and just having a good time with friends. Chris always knew how to make money, but never knew how to keep it in his bank account. He spent money like there was no tomorrow, traveling, shopping, clubs. He once popped Champagne bottles in the club every Friday for 5 months straight. (true story)

Finally life took a downfall, like the recession did in America. He realized as much fun as he was having he was not happy nor Financially Free. After strenuous brainstorming, and about a 1000 headaches later, Chris stumbled upon real estate wholesaling while surfing the net, quickly jumped in, bought a home study course, and took massive action. Fast forward 3 years, Chris is now free more than he can ever imagine, and helping others find that same joy through real estate investing.

Chris lives in Tampa, FL with his beautiful family and daughter who recently turned eight.


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